Tips of PPC Campaign Settings

Tips of PPC Campaign Settings!

Has your Pay-Per-Click campaign disappointed you? Does it lack the power and impact that you had hoped for? BayTech can assist you in your endeavor to make your Pay-Per-Click Campaign work for you and give you a return on your investment that will make you glad you invested the money in your PPC Campaign and took the time to educate yourself about how to improve your currently broken PPC Campaign. Get ready for RESULTS!!! They are coming soon…

1. Do your best to avoid Phrases with less than THREE Words!

There is a massive difference between “stock market” and “stock market quotes.” The more words incorporated within a keyphrase the more targeted your keyphrase is likely to be for that query. Place yourself in the mindset of the browser, users searching for information will type “stock market” users who specifically are searching for stock market quotes will type the latter.

2. Don’t throw your money away! Ditch the “Broad Match”!

While I concede that “Broad Match” generally generates more traffic you will most often find that this is due to Adwords “Extended Broad Matching” and that a multitude of unrelated terms will sneak in. Unless you are researching for additional terms (by utilizing the “Search Query Report”) you should not waste your investment on keywords that don’t pre-qualify. DO NOT TAKE KEYWORD RESEARCH LIGHTLY! Do a thorough, comprehensive, in-depth, detailed keyword research before embarking on ANY Adwords Campaign. A good rule of thumb is always phrase (with negatives) or exact. This will let you know exactly what you are getting for your monetary investment.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, there are certain phrases that people will utilize while in different stages of their search. Identifying these correctly can potentially mean the difference between paying $30/conversion or $10/conversion.

3. Helpful bidding ideas:

A. Bid on Products and Items as well as Brand Names.
B. Bid on Manufacturers and Company Names.
C. Use buy compare and purchase keywords.
D. Leverage reviews of products.

4. Pay Attention to the Search and Content Networks

Observe your Campaign Settings to see if the Search Network and Content Network are turned on. It is best to switch off both initially as you can’t always trust where the traffic is coming from. Once you get the campaign to a solid CTR, Position and Return you can then test the Search Network to see if it is adding or removing value.

If you want to run a “Content Campaign”, it is suggested that you run it within its own campaign. Alone…….

5. Generate Highly Targeted Adgroups

Theme your adgroups around a specific keyword. If that keyword is “stock market quote” then the adgroup may contain:

“stock market quote”
“stock market quotes”
[stock market quotes]
[stock market quote]

Using these methods gives you the ability to create highly targeted creatives which relates directly to the keywords that you’re bidding on. Maintaining things highly related like this will increase your CTR, reducing your cost basis in the long run.

6. Utilize Highly Targeted Creatives

As previously explained you have the ability to write highly targeted creatives focused around a small group of keywords.

Bayted’s senior PPC specialists will help you increase your ROI and improve your targeted traffic by refining your PPC Campaign Setting’s.