Pay per Click

Also known as Search Engine Marketing, Pay per Click is the most effective marketing tool used to generate new business in today’s competitive internet market place. Baytech’s innovative marketing team effectively works within your competitive market place, generating and tracking leads to your business, producing direct profits for your business. Baytech combines industry-focused advertisement copywriting with customized lead-generating landing pages, converting leads to bona fide customers. By keeping your ultimate business goals at the forefront of our objectives, Baytech will not only drive quality leads to your business, but will monitor the conversion process to ensure the most efficient, effective customer transition and loyalty-building.

First, we create a competitive, customized list of keywords related to your product and/or services. Next, we embed the keywords into specific, targeted content, which engages advertisement-driven messaging, geared to inspire immediate action. We then upload the targeted ads, keywords lists and a competitive ad spend to Google and other ad networks.

Baytech has partnered with Google as an AdWord vendor, recognized to provide quality and qualified results. With the trust of delivering qualified results for over 12 years, knowing your company is working with the right marketing team is an easy choice.