Rich User Interface

Website design has recently gone through a good change when they start to become more user friendly. The use of a Rich User Interface is slowly becoming more evident, especially in E-Commerce Web design.

When Rich User Interface is used on a Website, it is refreshingly different and visitors are apt to notice the difference in Web design right away. Although it has been promised for a long time, it seems that the day of its arrival has come.

The applications that provide the new enhanced user interactivity are much better developed and can really make a difference between an ordinary Web design and a quality Web design. The bells and whistles that programs like AJAX, Flash, and many more, now provide users with give them a much more pleasant experience on a particular Webpage.

Instead of the old-fashioned static approach, there now are many options that allow developers to put their Webpage light years ahead of their competitors. So much more can be done with these tools to enhance the beauty, usefulness, and interactivity of a Webpage that a designer needs to consider between many possibilities. Not only is it more eye appealing, but the changing colors of buttons when pressed, the boxes that enlarge on mouse overs, identifying tags, etc., all work together to make a visitor feel more at home.

Another good thing is that more Websites are taking advantage of is less crowded Web pages. There’s more white space which gives it a more relaxed and inviting look – causing people to want to stay longer.

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