Yaana Technologies


Yaana Technologies delivers intelligent compliance solutions for corporations around the world. Based in Milpitas, California, Yaana Technologies’ scalable private infrastructure provides fully customizable solutions to adapt to each organization’s unique security requirements. Yaana Technologies manages the cost of handling big data while providing high-speed access to databases. As Yaana Technologies was in need of a new corporate website, they chose Baytech and our team of experts to rebuild their new online presence.   


Since Yaana Technologies required a method for connecting to their corporate news feed, our developers devised solutions for a new management system. Because online security was paramount, our team held daily scrum meetings to ensure that the entire team was aware of every possible security issue, what deliverables were completed, and what tasks necessitated immediate attention. After Baytech provided a wireframe rough draft of our initial build, Yaana Technologies liked our designs so much that they immediately contracted Baytech to build a second website for their United Kingdom market. While our efforts were incredibly well received, Yaana Technologies wanted to maintain both sites in-house. So upon handoff, our team trained Yaana Technologies in-house team.    

  • Build a new corporate website for Yaana Technologies that connects with their news management system
  • Since internet security is Yaana Technologies’ business, their website’s security was paramount
  • Because Yaana Technologies was very satisfied with our work, they asked Baytech to immediately develop their website in the United Kingdom
  • Hand off Yaana Technologies’ new websites to their in-house team


To meet the demands of their industry news feed and live security updates, our team developed a sophisticated event management system. Our news management solution allowed Yaana Technologies to categorize their events by regions for both their U.S and U.K. websites. Yaana Technologies now has a streamlined method for organizing and promoting corporate events, trade shows, and marketing campaigns. As security was paramount, our team implemented “hardened code.” Hardened code is a practice that makes code invisible during production on both the staging and development servers. To continue best practices, we conformed to the Open Web Application Security (OWASP) community. OWASP operates as a non-profit community that provides impartial, practical information about application security to individuals, corporations, universities, government agencies, and other organizations globally.


Once Baytech Web Design completed the enterprise website for Yaana Technologies, they were incredibly pleased with our work, so they contracted our team to build a second website for their U.K. market. Shortly after launching both websites, Yaana Technologies was named one of the most promising technology solution providers for the telecommunications industry. Our team designed brand elements throughout Yaana Technologies’ corporate website to demonstrate the dynamic and constantly evolving security industry. With two state-of-the-art websites along with a new brand identity, Yaana Technologies can continue to expand and provide intelligent compliance solutions for corporations worldwide. And most importantly, Yaana Technologies’ new online presence and brand establishes them as thought leaders in the telecommunication security industry.