Cyber Maker Space Portal -WIZnet


WIZnet provides add-on internet connectivity for small devices in Ethernet and WiFi markets. WIZnet focuses on supporting Open Hardware Platforms like Arduino and Leaflabs. Since WIZnet encourages open hardware, WIZnet started Cyber Maker Space. Cyber Maker Space is an online contest and community for independent designers to learn about open hardware and submit their prototypes. Cyber Maker Space offers winners cash prizes. In addition to entering Cyber Maker Space contests, visitors can explore the WIZnet museum. The WIZnet museum showcases over 2,000 UCCs (user created content) and adds 100 new creations every month. As WIZnet was in search of a web portal, they contracted Baytech Web Design to build the Cyber Maker Space online community.


Because WIZnet would like talented designers to submit their hardware prototypes for review, WIZnet’s new site required conversation methodology that appealed to the Open Hardware Platform (OHP) community. Additionally, WIZnet wanted to encourage their visitors to learn about projects and open hardware platforms. As Cyber Maker Space is a contest community, WIZnet required a simple method for users to quickly register and submit their creations. The Cyber Maker Space portal also needed access protocols for different levels of users. And since Cyber Maker Space is an extension of WIZnet, Baytech created a new brand for WIZnet and promoted it seamlessly within Cyber Maker Space.

  • Design conversation methodology that appeals to the Open Hardware Platform (OHP) community.
  • Educate visitors about projects and open hardware platforms.
  • Develop a simple method for users to quickly register and submit their creations.
  • Develop access protocols for different levels of users.
  • Rebrand WIZnet and Cyber Maker Space.


As WIZnet desired a web portal for visitors to enter contests and learn about projects, our team developed a streamlined engagement and conversion process. After members login, the web portal presents them with options and information about the site and various contests. Additionally, users can learn about the WIZnet museum and view current and past entries. To provide access to different users, our team developed a unique tagging system for separate levels of user engagement. The tagging system provides WIZnet judges access to study entries and provides access for contestants to view their submissions. As part of the submission approval process, the tagging system helps safeguard contestant’s prototypes, which is vitally important for a live portal. Our team added a reminder duration system so users remember to submit their prototypes before contests expire. As part of our rebrand, we created an internal messaging system to engage Cyber Maker Space members, and our team promoted WIZnet’s new brand as part of Cyber Maker Space.


As this project had a unique set of challenges, our team provided creative and out of the box solutions. We streamlined the tagging system until the site went live. As a result of our efforts, Cyber Maker Space went live without a hitch, and WIZnet saw immediate results. Their online community grew by thousands of members, which kept WIZnet judges busy. And because of their new web portal, WIZnet expanded their network and added new revenue streams. Most importantly, WIZnet’s new brand along with the Cyber Maker Space portal showcase their thought leadership in the Open Hardware Platform community.