Wired Inc.

Baytech Creates Advanced Social Media Integrated Professional Website for US Wired Inc.

US Wired Inc. is a company in the United States that offers some of the most advanced networking solutions out there for business and companies that need their services. From wired to wireless network solutions, this is the company to go to for their reliable and scalable IT solutions that hit the next level of technological proficiency. They offer very flexible solutions indeed for just about everyone who needs a quick, efficient and beautifully constructed wireless or wired future-proof network within their work environment.


The main target market for the company is the corporate sector and it was necessary to garner as many customers as possible from this field in order to maintain profitability. To do this, corporate clients needed to see the updated web presence of the company as well as the fact that it is one of the most technologically proficient companies in its field. In order to attract more clients, the wide range of services needed to be presented to the market in a more informative and comprehensive fashion. The system needs to be engaging, informative and able to provide US Wired with the exposure that it needs to become a true market leader.


The solutions that Baytech presented were inclusive of the integration of powerful social media sharing buttons at the top of every page. In addition to this, page scrolling was made smooth and a parallax design was integrated. The information about services was presented in a far clearer manner, and there was a contact page integrated as well. The entire site was made to be responsive in order to work across all devices and locations.


The results were pretty impressive. The new website increased customer interaction and US Wired found themselves being shared on Twitter and Facebook very frequently. Their solutions were pleasing tons of customers and their momentum continues to grow.