Baytech establishes online presence for Vidivites

Vidivites was created by two brothers who, as a result of living in two different states, realized the value of video communication. Through stored video communication the two brothers decided to create a website which incorporated this type of technology into online invitation or Vidivites. By allowing hosts to record, upload, and link their own videos directly into an invitation format Vidivites has been able to create a more personal experience.

Baytech was contracted by Vidivites to develop their initial online presence and we responded by providing a website design that played well with Vidivites brand message. The design was built upon a strong back-end development that was clean and easy to use to allow Vidivites greater control over their website. Baytech is glad to have worked with a small company with a unique service and vision, to create a website that would serve as a platform for their growth.

Featured Technology

  • User Portal
  • User Management System
  • Rating/Comment Management System
  • 3rd Party Video Integration