Baytech Creates Transformative Branding Strategy for Tanduay


Tanduay Distillers, Inc. is a Philippines-based holdings group that specializes in the harvesting and distillery of the sugarcane plant to create an innovative brand of rum that has fast become one of the most exclusive and uniquely-manufactured in the world. Its main investor is the group that also owns Philippine Airlines. Though it only entered the US market recently, this company has 160 years of experience behind its innovative manufacturing process.


As a new entrant into the massive market for fine liquor in the US, Tanduay faced a major challenge. This was to have a brand name and image for Tanduay that would attract consumers in the US market. Since the large-scale manufacturers in the US are about 20 companies that take in about 90% of the total sales revenue, a new competitor like Tanduay will need to stay afloat and get ahead with their branding.


When Baytech was approached for the design of Tanduay’s US website, the first step was to develop an innovative branding strategy for the company. Since they specialize in high-end, unusually made liquor, this was accomplished by giving visitors a taste of the storied history behind their rum. Information was presented in the website using a parallax design that detailed everything from the founding days to the distillation process. Some of the solutions presented by Baytech included:

  • Powerful branding strategy
  • Custom website with parallax design
  • Background images taken during distillation processes
  • Clear presentation of historic facts
  • Emphasis on the uniqueness of the base of the rum
  • Recipes, tips and tricks for improved experience


The immediate result that Tanduay noticed was that it had succeeded in creating memorable customer experiences, which helped to build a new loyalty among the users. Tanduay was also able to gain valuable insights into the target market and were able to learn strategies that could be used in the future to foster a better, more personal connection to their end-users. The parallax design engaged audiences, as well as the specific color choices for the website. The background images served to solidify customer confidence in the fineness of the liquor. The branding strategy used intrigued and captivated visitors of the site, and Tanduay noticed a spike in their initial sales volume almost at once.