Successful Partnership with the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine


The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) came to Baytech seeking a robust website that would facilitate easy and clear communication among students and alumni. The system would also give the institute the ability to easily manage events and news from the backend of the website, as well as add, edit and delete content.

The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) has been at the forefront of Traditional Chinese Medicine education since its inception in 1980. ACTCM also offers a community-oriented teaching clinic where over 135 students treat more than 350 patients each week. The company offers acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine services at several locations in California.

Building such an advanced content management system (CMS) requires the integration of various technologies and takes detailed planning and organization.  Therefore, Baytech’s team of programmers and project managers had to collaborate closely to get the project thoroughly completed in a timely manner.

First the programmers created a custom portal that allows students to interact with the school. Through this module, students could download class syllabuses, check their class schedules, and access restricted information. Also, they could renew books from the library and check the status of outstanding books.

Once a student graduated, ACTCM wanted to be able to communicate with them and give them resources for their future careers, therefore the programmers at Baytech created an alumni portal that allowed the college to mass email all alumni. Also through this portal, alumni could create an online resume to present future employers with.

To further allow the college to keep communication between students and alumni, Baytech created a robust news and event management system.  Through this portal the college could post and manage news and events on its website as well as manage subscribers and customize newsletters.

Baytech delivered a robust website that the college uses in day to day operations. It allows them to better manage current students and alumni and saves time and money by not having to hire outside designers for changes. With the advanced content management system and document management system, ACTCM could quickly and affordably modify their content to keep updated with all the latest news and class syllabi, creating an interactive and involved community for its students.

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