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Baytech increases awareness for Stanford University’s CASBS

The Stanford Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) was founded in 1954 as a center for which the brightest minds in behavioral sciences could come together to share ideas. 22 Nobel Laureates, 14, Pulitzer Prize winners, and 44 winners of MacArthur “Genius Awards,” are among those who were distinguished members. From this collection of scholars and scientists, new fields of studies have been developed in the study of cognitive science to behavioral economics.

For the 2009 Fall Semester, the CASBS needed help with their email marketing efforts. They decided to approach a local company in order to help them design an engaging email template, deploy their emails to a huge list of students, faculty, and fellow members, and track the results. Baytech was hired by the CASBS to help with their email marketing efforts. By designing a new template along with a better sending strategy that continually evolved based on analysis of open rate data, the CASBS was able to increase user loyalty and enhanced their brand trust.


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  • Increase email conversion to over 40%
  • Decreased email bounce rate to less than 10%