ROEM Real Estate Web Design

Baytech Crafts Professional Real Estate Website for ROEM Corp.


ROEM Corp. is a leading real estate corporation in California that has been operating on a grand scale since its inception in 1988. It provides a wide range of services, from the building of multi-family housing plans all the way to third-party owned real estate development. Whether it is on their own or for another property owner, ROEM is one of the leading real estate development companies in California.


The challenges faced by ROEM when it comes to driving a profit is the personal income and interest rates of the target demographic. The values of property as well as the demand for real estate both depend on the current economy, as well as investment capital. To get this capital, ROEM needed to show that they are one of the most progressive and well-off real estate companies in the state, so as to be more appealing to potential investors and clients.


Baytech conducted surveys to a sample of the target market and the first thing that was done was to focus on real estate web design to make it much more professional. Potential investors needed to see the level of dedication the company had for the accomplishment of business objectives without distractions and this was expressed through the website design too. A brand identity was developed as well in order to engage and stay with customers throughout their visiting experience on the website. The clear solution here, which Baytech readily created, was a custom-made WordPress-driven website that gave off the ultimate corporate feel.

Baytech used WordPress to allow for multiple themes to be used, so as to give ROEM more customization options for their professional website. In addition to this, custom features were added to it such as parallax scrolling and background images throughout the site.


The end-result was a gorgeous, minimalistic yet totally professional website for ROEM that instantly intrigued audiences while presenting all the information in a well-thought-out manner. Client interest spiked, along with the amount of prospective investors in all of their services.