Quality Assurance Travel Website

Quality Assurance Travel (QAT) is a respected Charter Bus Service company providing transportation services for Airport Transfer, Ski Trip or Casino Tours. Quality Assurance Travel manages transportation logistic for some of the largest Northern Californian entertainment and travel companies include Kirkwood, Squaw Valley, Chukchansi Casino and Boreal. So that was why when Quality Assurance Travel came to Baytech, they wanted to select the right web development company to build a travel website. This would help QAT better coordinate thier travel scheduling online for their customers visitors. Baytech was not just excited at the opportunity, we were thrilled.

Our build…

Annually 1,000’s of travelers use TicktBusRide.com to confirm their travel schedule. Travelers are able to select their Pick-Up/Drop-Off location, Date/Time, Seat Location and Confirm & Pay.

TicketBusRide.com has provided the luxury, to many thousands of travelers, the ease of traveling to and from Casinos and Ski Resorts.


Quality Assurance