Pure Storage Inc.

Baytech Creates the Ultimate Sales Portal for Pure Storage Inc.

Advanced technology company PureStorage gains better, more intuitive sales portal to increase ROI.


Pure Storage, a storage tech company that recently went public on the NYSE, is a leader in virtualization, flash memory utilization, and performance enhancement. Pure Storage and Baytech have announced that we have built a brand new sales, database and workforce management system built from the ground up with advanced web application integration as well. All the challenges faced by PureStorage such as the accuracy of predicted sales, the selection of viable warehouses, methods of conducting marketing surveys and the cost of CRM and other interactions with the teams were all tackled by Baytech and a solution has been found that has already begun to show results.

Baytech Web Design took the Pure Storage system and made many refinements in order to make the sales’ team work far more efficiently and competitive by:

  • Using the Salesforce AppExchange API to integrate comprehensive MySQL databases, streamlining the entire process of database management during interaction with the PureStorage website.
  • Creating a new, centralized system developed in SalesForce’s proprietary development language, Apex, using  for easy synchronization of all the data transactions within the company including warehouse details, sales, manufacturing and marketing.
  • Integrating a new system to find and delete duplicate data which was a common problem before and would cause the system to slow down and even crash, also creating errors in data processing.

As a result, Pure Storage’s 200+ member sales team can now more efficiently and effectively provide quotations and track new sales opportunities providing new growth potential. PureStorage is now free to concentrate on expanding their company across the world into new marketplaces.