Baytech develops unique, one of a kind web application for pickURgift

If you have ever had problems finding that perfect gift for the special loved ones in your life, pickURgift is here to help. Co-founder Nick Rouhier faced this very question of how to find his wife the right gift, and thus, the idea for pickURgift was born in with that very purpose in mind. PickURgift seeks to eliminate the headache of gift shopping and giving. It is their hope to eliminate the fear of giving or receiving the wrong gift that many of us received in our lives.

PickURgift was a unique project in that the functionality that the pickURgift had dreamed of had never been implemented anywhere else before. The core function of pickURgift was to allow users to add products from any E-commerce site on the internet. The ability to add any product across all E-commerce sites was the biggest hurdle in development in that a lot of websites, such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton, did not allow such a functionality due to their own need to keep customers on their own site. Thanks to the complicated nature of this project, lots of work was put into development and quality assurance through numerous compatibility tests, in order to deliver the final product to a satisfied customer. Baytech accomplished its mission by providing pickURgift:

  • Custom branded website portal design
  • Functional and unique web application
  • Continued website maintenance