Baytech designs new website for Momenture

Momenture is an event videography company that puts a unique spin on producing time less memories. They provide their customers with the HD cameras to capture more candid moments and use that footage to create a custom tailored video experience. Though they mainly market their services as an alternative to expensive wedding videography services, their custom services can be used to document other important events and milestones.

Baytech was approached by Momenture to come up with a web design concept that could better market their services to potential clients. To better service Momenture’s need for a custom website design, Baytech worked to better understand Momenture’s prospective clients. By using research and analysis of Momenture’s brand image and market, Baytech was able to create a website that clearly suits Momenture’s brand strategy and better position itself as a unique player in the local videography market.

Featured Technology

  • Custom Web Design
  • SEO Setup