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Layer8 Training was founded in 2008 by professionals with a long track record in the technology training business. In 2009 Layer8 was named the Citrix Learning Partner of The Year for the Americas. Since then Layer8 has received this prestigious award from Citrix in 2011 and again in 2012. Layer8 has grown to become the largest Citrix learning partner in the world and one of only three Citrix Learning Partners in the US with the highest level of learning partnership – Premier National CALC. Through its focus on quality training delivery and the highest commitment to customer satisfaction, Layer8 has grown beyond its Citrix roots to become a premier provider of vendor based technology training across a range of technology topics.

Layer8 tasked Baytech to design and develop a customized portal website solution that made finding information about all of Layer8’s diverse and vast amount of service offerings and certifications much easier. Thanks to a cleaner site and navigation design and advanced modules, finding information, pricing, and times for certain classes and certifications became more organized and easier to find providing for greater user experience.

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  • Responsive website design and layout
  • Custom Portal Development
  • Content Management System