Slick Custom Mac Docking Station Ecommerce Website

LandinZone Web Design

LandingZone was developed by InfiniWing, Inc., it is a robust workplace docking station utility for Apple products. It is a small, sleek docking port for the iPhone, MacBook and iPad. Funded from a KickStarter campaign, InfiniWing Silicon-Valley-innovation has risen them to the top of their market niche. Their creative and unique product line, LandingZone, is one of the most in-demand in the current consumer Apple market.


The challenge faced by Baytech when hired to redesign and build a fully functioning Ecommerce oriented website for InfiniWing. The goal was to build a seamless user experience based on their current Ecommerce platform, Shopify, while allowing the flexibility to feature and add new product lines. One of the most important factors was to build a customer oriented marketing strategies that would appeal, attract and generate loyalty through a enjoyable purchasing process.


The solution presented by Baytech was in the form of a consumer branded website built on WordPress. This would allow InfiniWing to have complete control over the content of the site including new product releases. This means that they would be able to cater to customers’ changing needs better, as well as maintaining a professional, secure website. Baytech built an Ecommerce bridge from WordPress to Shopify, a 3rd Party Ecommerce platform, allowing for high security online transactions to be done. To add to the appearance of great service, the entire theme was made responsive by Baytech, meaning that a customer could view it from the device they would be using with the product, if they wanted to.

  • Custom made WordPress theme
  • Shopify integration
  • Responsive design
  • High security for Ecommerce


The results noticed by the company after the new website was implemented was a spike in the traffic to the website. More products were being purchased because customers felt safer in their actions, without worrying about loss of data or a bad product.