Key Information Systems

Baytech Provides Comprehensive Branding and Corporate Website Design for Key Information Systems

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Key Information Systems is an innovative company that is one of the first choices for most clients that need advanced technology services. The company combines some of the best in the world and delivers solutions that are among the highest-rated anywhere. They typically deal with server infrastructure and cloud-based solutions.


Key Information Services depends on the advances in technology in recent years and on the health of the economy. The most important thing for Key Information Services was an updated brand identity that conveyed their vision, mission and passion at a glance. A powerful, effective and budgeted marketing campaign is also needed in order to make sure that the maximum amount of potential clients are reached at any time by any medium, the most important and wide-reaching of which is the internet. In addition to this, it needed a platform from which to market its innovative services so that its global customers can benefit from its technical expertise. Baytech was selected as the partner for Key Information Services in order to have the best possible web presence with a corporate touch that engaged users and provided them with all the information they need quickly and efficiently.


Baytech achieved all the requirements of Key Information Systems by developing a website with a parallax design for a great customer experience. This was accomplished using a smooth scroll on the website that would engage all visitors and lead them to find out more about the services offered. In addition to this, custom WordPress themes were used in order to deliver an effective brand identity and marketing strategy for the company.


The integration of the parallax design showed a marked increase in the interest of website visitors. The scrolling and presentation of information was well-done. In addition to this the use of custom WordPress themes allowed for a unique brand identity to be created for Key Information Systems that was bound to make customers intrigued and to make them identify with the company. This also allowed multilingual support to be added for a global website with easy translation of pages and content.