IP Infusion


IP Infusion Lowers Marketing Costs and Still Boosts Search Rankings

The internationally recognized leader in intelligent network software solutions, IP Infusion, has branches in Japan, Korea, China, India, and the US. In spite of SEO and PPC campaigns, the company discovered that search engine results did not reflect their prominence. Their current PPC program was also eating up their budget and had poor ROI.

Baytech was chosen to correct the problem. Keywords were selected and their website was optimized. Three months later, ten keywords were raised from ranking on the 5th, 7th, and 8th pages (and lower), to the 1st and 2nd pages – even with strong competitors. After four months, conversions increased, and the budget was cut in half with sustainable results. Organic site impressions increased by a combined 4199.22%, and the average cost per conversion was reduced by 29% from the previous year.

Due to successful marketing campaigns (SEO & PPC) which was managed by Baytech team for one year; Ip Infusion decided to select BayTech as their strategic web partner to redesign their existing website. In February 2012, Baytech’s information architect and development team proposed a custom solution based on Drupal platform; there were many custom features that were implemented such as:

  • Custom News & Events Management Modules
  • Custom Portals for both US & China users
  • Ticketing System
  • Integration with a 3rd party – SalesForce
  • Multilingual Module

Through aggressive development schedule, Baytech delivered fully functional platform within 3 months. Currently, we maintain this website on monthly basis.