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Baytech provides technical documentation for Interactive Data Corporation

Since 1968, Interactive Data Corporation has been the premier supplier of financial market information. Their products and services are designed to meet the needs of the offices of the largest and most well-known institutions in mutual funds, asset management, securities, and banking. Interactive Data’s clients trust them to help support their investment activities and operational workflow through a broad range of offerings including millions of independent evaluations of fixed income securities, global reference data and listed market pricing, ultra-low latency data and trading infrastructure services. Interactive Data is committed to the reliable delivery of high quality data and client services, innovative technology, and developing strategic alliances worldwide.

Interactive Data approached Baytech to develop a high quality customized interactive portal. This project would require multiple high level meetings with key stakeholders to evaluate each level of development. Thanks to Baytech, Interactive Data received a technical document that would outline the design of a system that would allow more effective communication of key data and information to its users.


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