Helio Medical Supplies


Baytech sets up Helio Medical Supplies for growth with new E-commerce website

For over 20 years, Helio Medical Supplies has grown into a respected major supplier of products for the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) community. Helio not only sees itself as a business but also a member of the TCM community and as such, continues to promote and support the acceptance of acupuncture by the political and medical establishments throughout the world. As the only ISO certified TCM supplier in the US, they are committed to providing products of unsurpassed quality promptly and reliably.

Helio’s website often acts as the first point of contact between themselves and their customers and as such, their company’s image is greatly impacted by their online presence. Sensing that their website was outdated and in need of a redesign, Helio contacted Baytech to redesign and revamp their E-commerce site.

Baytech started the redesign process by focusing on the layout of the website. By changing the layout, the website could ensure that customers could easily navigate around the page and find the products that they are looking for. By providing greater user experience on the design level, the new website could easily keep visitors engaged into browsing the site longer. User experience was also at the heart of making the site more mobile friendly as the new site integrated a responsive design that allowed mobile users to view their site without any loss of visual quality.

To go along with redesigned look, Helio’s website installed a custom built E-commerce platform with a whole suite of features that would further enhance the customer experience on the site. Baytech started by migrating product and user data from the old site and setting up global configurations. Key features such as an advanced product search, customer account pages, customer management system, order management system, report center, tax module, RFQ management, associated products module, merchant processing, and shipping system were tested and implemented to give the website a more robust and customer friendly functionality. SEO setup was also included to help with Helio’s online marketing strategy.