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Baytech develops
HealthTell’s New
Biotech Website

HealthTell is a biotechnology company that has developed an unprecedented platform for the early detection and classification of disease from just a simple drop of blood. Over ten years of scientific effort has demonstrated the power of the HealthTell ImmunoSignature technology across over 30 diseases. Their goal is to provide the medical industry with a tool that will change the face of diagnostics; a simple, affordable, accurate diagnostic test. HealthTell will enable early detection of diseases, when behavioral and therapeutic interventions are most effective. This will result in saving millions of lives, while reducing healthcare economics.

The new HealthTell biotech website features a modern, responsive design that optimizes their website for mobile users. Certain modules like HealthTell’s list of publications featured a slider for better user experience when viewed by a mobile device. Baytech also provided a content management system that would not only allow for better control over the content but also control over the different modules of the website. A new FAQ management system, a news management system, and a video management system are also other features that is included in the new HealthTell website.

Featured Technology

  • Responsive Design
  • Content Management System
  • Video Management System
  • News Management System
  • FAQ Management System