Fuzzy Pickle T-Shirts

Baytech builds a Secure, Attractive Online Store for Fuzzy Pickle T-Shirts

Fuzzy Pickle T-Shirts is a company that was founded in 1962 which uses cutting edge technology that prints designs directly to the garments instead of vinyl stickers that could easily wash out. They are one of the pioneers in the garment world and with good reason. They are definitely the top pick when it comes to the t-shirt retail business.


In order to maximize profits, the company needed to keep up with the latest trends in sales and designs and keep their website as updated and functional as possible. Furthermore, a high level of virtual security was necessary to protect customer information and privacy, because there has been a lot of online fraud and identity theft that has occurred in recent years for “secure customer information”.
• Easy to update website required
• Good marketing strategy to fight seasonal trends
• Preventing online security breach and customer information
• Trends affect the demand for customers


Baytech was called upon to design a website and online store for the Fuzzy Pickle store that was both secure and easy to use. The main requirement of the company was the implementation of a secure, simple and fast website that was fully updated and responsive. To accomplish this, the Magento and WooCommerce e-commerce platforms were employed. Both of these platforms are among the most comprehensive and powerful on the market. They have a reputation for having a high level of security and customer privacy protection policies. Baytech integrated this into the Fuzzy Pickle website while designing it to be fun and engaging.


The results that could be seen from the Magento and WooCommerce platforms on the online store were:
• Secure payment available for transactions
• Safe database for storing customer information
• Easy-to-use database on both ends
• Fun, interactive design for customer attraction maximization