Ford Motors


Baytech establishes a successful partnership with Ford Motors

The leading vehicle brand, Ford Motors Company, approached Baytech to develop a method for advertising their upcoming vehicle release. They needed interactive flash banners with video integration and a method for tracking what features were most important to buyers when searching for a new vehicle. Ford entrusted Baytech to develop this solution as an international resource for all Ford distributors to utilize in their promotional and advertising campaigns. When working on a scale this large, Baytech’s experience and resources played a large role in meeting deadlines and exceeding client expectations.

Baytech developed multiple interactive banners with tracking systems to monitor shopping behavior. This invaluable module indicated which videos were being watched from the banner and mapped out which features buyers valued most when browsing the market for a new vehicle. Not only did this custom developed solution fit the bill for an aesthetically pleasing, international banner campaign, it also served as a valuable data gathering tool for future marketing efforts. In choosing Baytech for their web solution needs, Ford saw a significant increase in interest for the upcoming vehicle model than was seen in the past, largely due to the attractive layout and color scheme composed by Baytech, as well as the entertaining, interactive aspects of the banners. Ford also accumulated a large database of prospective buyers’ browsing information which they will use to launch their next promotional campaign.

Featured Technology

  • Flash banner development
  • Video integration