FCM Capital Partners Ltd.

Baytech Builds Corporate Customer-oriented Website for FCM Capital Partners Ltd.

FCM Capital Partners is everyone’s first choice when it comes to a variety of different financial solutions. The company is one of the highest rated, and specializes in 3 different major fields and a number of minor ones. The team has combined experience that adds up to over a century, and FCM is the partner that every business needs to be successful.


The demand for a company like FCM stems from the income of its customers. This means that effective and powerful marketing is an absolute necessity for the company. Because the customer is the most important part of this business, maximum exposure and customer loyalty to the unique brand were required to maximize profitability. In order to attract more customers, FCM needed to have a more aggressive marketing strategy so as to make more people aware of the brand and service range. Baytech was selected to design a website for them that would serve this purpose in the best way possible by attracting the best and most diverse range of customers.


Baytech designed a comprehensive website for the FCM Capital Partners Company that was the epitome of professionalism. A corporate website needed to be designed that showed customers on the site that it was a diverse company that could provide solutions to all companies and clients. A custom WordPress based design was used. This was done for maximum functionality and customization options for the best website visitor experience throughout the site.


The custom WordPress design allowed FCM Capital Partners to:
• Customize their own websites as much as they wanted
• Easily switch themes to suit customer taste
• Ease of use throughout the theme because of WordPress UI
• Integration of third-party plugins for added functionality.
The use of WordPress to build the website meant that both parties would have the best and easiest experience, while retaining a sense of professionalism.