Elite Financial Partners

Baytech Delivers a Professional and Attractive Website Design for Elite Financial Partners


Elite Financial Partners Ltd. is a California based company that has fast risen to become one of the best anywhere when it comes to friendly, efficient financial services that have a bearing on the quality of life of their customers. These range from individuals who are looking for consultations and advice on their small businesses or personal finances all the way to risk management advice for larger corporations. They are definitely one of the most technically proficient and knowledgeable companies in California.


The demographics in California are very diverse indeed. It is a necessity for the company to show the prospective consumers that the range of services extend diversely to all customers. While it does offer a wide range of innovative and professional services, the public exposure needed to be maximized in order to inform prospective target markets about the company’s services. Without a dynamic, updated brand identity, this company was bound to struggle.


The website that Baytech designed for Elite Financial Partners was a comprehensive insight into the company. Different dedicated pages were created for each of the various services, and all of these were listed prominently on the forefront of the pages for immediate engagement. The design and colors of the website were all made very minimal indeed to keep up the professionalism of the website; the contrasting deep blue base background color was chosen for its ability to engage.


The first result that could be seen in the company was a spike in the amount of small business owners and entrepreneurs who came to Elite Financial Partners to take advantage of their services. The easy to read list of services coupled with the lack of clutter on the website had led to a far greater number of interested customers, from multiple social and ethnic origins.