Baytech clarifies the CFEngine website for better user experience

CFEngine is a pioneer in IT Automation at WebScale. It enables organizations to become more agile and thrive in the Cloud Era by radically simplifying, automating and transforming the way they build, deliver and consume IT infrastructure and applications. With CFEngine, some of the largest IT organizations provision resources and deploy new applications much faster, while ensuring continuous availability, security and compliance in large-scale, very dynamic and highly complex environments.

Baytech took on the task of providing CFEngine a website that would best fit their innovative image. Before the redesign, CFEngine’s website was muddled and confused and was not very user friendly. Now, CFEngine’s new website has a clearer, more concise look and is easier to navigate allowing their users to easily find information about their product and services.

Featured Technology

  • Custom Website Design and Layout
  • Content Management System
  • Responsive Design