Cal Water


Baytech Develops Cal Water’s Customer
Facing Portal Website

The California Water Service Company, or CalWater, is the largest investor owned water utilities company west of the Mississippi. CalWater serves over 500,000 water customers and manages the logistics of servicing water to businesses and residential customers by means of billing, conservation, regulated and non-regulated utility management. With its growing base of customers, Cal Water needed a website that could serve as an informational tool that could better address a myriad of purposes, from customer service questions to bill pay solutions, in order to provide an exhaustive localized experience for all 26 water districts that they service. To do this, CalWater sought the help of Baytech to update and modernize their customer-facing web portal.

Baytech provided various features that would give CalWater’s customers the best customer service. We added interactive support features that allowed quicker access to billing, targeted information specific to the customer’s district, and more interactive data regarding assistance and educational programs. This was accomplished with the implementation of a sophisticated customer support contact management system along with an easy to manage CMS.

CalWater’s customer service has seen a steady decrease in call volume within 5 months of the site’s re-launch due to the better organization and accessibility of information. By merely logging into their account, customers were able to access customized news, savings tools, contact information and billing information. CalWater also tasked Baytech to develop a branded microsite designed to inform customers about necessary changes to service.

Featured Technology

  • Customer Portal Solution
  • Responsive Design
  • Content Management System
  • Customer Support Contact Management System