Beta Soft Systems Inc

Baytech Develops Gorgeous New Website for Beta Soft Systems Inc.


Beta Soft Systems Inc. is one of the leaders in its field, and is known for being one of the highest rated IT staffing and software development companies. It offers a wide variety of services including website and product development as well as web design and software testing. They were incorporated in 2005 and have received multiple awards and international recognition for highly professional services, innovative products and skilled staff and tech support teams.


The success of Beta Soft Systems depends on the effectiveness of the marketing strategies that are employed. Without powerful and aggressive marketing strategies on their website and elsewhere, they will not experience a high inflow of customers. They also have the need to present the international reach of the company’s services in order to appeal to customers in a wider target market. While the company has a wide range of innovative services and teams of staff members who are experts and professionals, they will not succeed without far-reaching publicity and marketing. This industry is dominated by the 50 largest companies in the US, and there needs to be a way for Beta Soft Systems to get the upper hand.


When Baytech was selected to develop the new website for Beta Soft Systems Inc. the first step was to make it more engaging. This was done by introducing a new parallax scrolling and design method along with a more minimal interface. This served to make the site more accessible to the visitors and kept it simple for a great user experience. Along with this, all of their services were presented in a clear and engaging way for users to clearly view the company’s services and accomplishments.


The immediately noticeable results were that the number of customers per hour to the site increased dramatically along with the conversion rate. The diversity of web visitors was also increased. The introduction of smooth parallax scrolling as well as the simple, powerful brand identity attracted and kept the loyalty of all the consumers.