E-commerce Portal for Western Steel Erectors


Western Steel Erectors provides structural steel erection and installation for a broad range of project types. Their services include new construction, renovation, and seismic retrofits. With Advanced Certified Steel Erector (AISC) accreditation, the company erects steel structures safely and efficiently. As a premier small to mid-sized steel erecting company in California, Western Steel Erectors’ engineers connect, bolt, rig, and weld steel structures with integrity and cooperation across the Golden State. And since the company required a new ecommerce website along with a rebrand, Western Steel Erectors entrusted Baytech Web Design to develop their ecommerce portal and rebrand their company.


As Western Steel Erectors has been in business since 2000, their ecommerce website was a bit out-of-date. So our team worked with Western Steel Erectors’ management on an ecommerce solution tailored to their needs. While Western Steel Erectors’ expertise was impressive, their old website lacked a dynamic portfolio section showcasing their past projects. Once we began development, our team migrated their content to the new ecommerce portal. In order to communicate Western Steel Erectors’ expertise and experience, our team rebranded their corporate message. And to get Western Steel Erectors up and running with their new ecommerce portal, we provided their staff training and support.

  • Develop a ecommerce portal.
  • Create a portfolio section that demonstrates their capabilities.
  • Migrate content from their out-of-date website to their new ecommerce portal.
  • Rebrand Western Steel Erectors to reflect their experience and expertise.
  • Offer complete training and support.


In order to help Western Steel Erectors adequately compete in their competitive marketplace, our team built an ecommerce portal tailored to their business. Our ecommerce portal communicates Western Steel Erectors’ business story. Because it was vital for Western Steel Erectors to showcase their past projects, our team created a state-of-the-art portfolio section. Western Steel Erectors portfolio page has live 3-D perspective capabilities. As drones capture aerial views of their construction projects, those images can be uploaded to their site in a few clicks. In order to maintain the integrity of their content, we carefully segregated and migrated their files. Most importantly, because Western Steel Erectors wanted to concentrate on their complicated jobs and not on an overly complicated website, we made sure that their new content management system (CMS) was intuitive and easy to maintain. Their WordPress CMS offers all the features they require, and their employees can easily maintain and update their website well into the future. Since ecommerce portals require dynamic brands and messages, our team redeveloped Western Steel Erectors’ brand by employing a minimalist design strategy that showcased their business story. Our team concluded this project by training Western Steel Erectors’ management so they could use their ecommerce portal effectively.


Immediately after launching their ecommerce portal, Western Steel Erectors experienced increased web traffic. The increased traffic resulted in new clients. Their portfolio section offers project examples and case studies so their clients have a clear view of Western Steel Erectors’ experience and expertise. And because their new WordPress (CMS) does not require PHP or HTML knowledge, Western Steel Erectors can concentrate on building steel structures and not building websites.