E-commerce Portal and Brand for Reflective Edge Design


Reflective Edge Design specializes in working with metal. Located in Bethel Park, PA, the company cuts, forms, and creates custom items for their customers. Reflective Edge Design’s metalsmiths use lasers along with UV LED printers to build and etch a wide variety of metals and acrylics. Reflective Edge Design’s metal signs can be constructed with Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or Carbon Steel. No matter the look that their customers require, Reflective Edge Design possesses the equipment and expertise to make it happen. Because the company was in search of an ecommerce solution to grow their business, they hired Baytech Web Design to develop their website as well as brand and promote their laser-sharp business.


As Reflective Edge Design’s business required a modern ecommerce solution, we began their rebuild by transferring their SharePoint ecommerce content to WooComerce. Because Reflective Edge Design had already invested in a custom product module, we integrated it with the WooComerce engine. During the web build, our team interacted with Reflective Edge Design’s resources located in Pennsylvania. To transmit a consistent message, we set up product integration for up to 500 products. And once the website was completed, we helped rebrand the company, and then trained Reflective Edge Design’s staff to effectively use their new ecommerce portal.

  • Transfer content from their SharePoint platform to WooComerce.
  • Interact with the client’s resources after project kickoff
  • Rebrand Reflective Edge Design.
  • Implement their custom product module.
  • Set up integration for up to 500 products.
  • Train Reflective Edge Design’s staff to effectively use their new ecommerce system.


By implementing WooComerce, Reflective Edge Design now has an open-source platform that provides extensive features that are user-friendly, making it a perfect ecommerce solution for their online small business. After the project kickoff, our team worked closely with Reflective Edge Design’s management and staff to ensure that our custom deliverables met all their expectations. Our custom product integration offered the right exposure for their brand by allowing their products to tell their business story. This ensured that a single consistent message comes through in advertising, sales promotion, and social media campaigns. Our rebrand created a powerful emotional connection with Reflective Edge Design’s audience. As a key part of their story was custom metal work, we developed a corporate message around custom décor based on “your ideas”. Before we launched Reflective Edge Design’s new ecommerce portal, we trained their staff so they could effectively use their ecommerce solution.


Reflective Edge Design’s new ecommerce portal allows them to effectively tell their business story. Their metalworking reflects their business brand of bringing their customers ideas to life. With their modern ecommerce portal and dynamic brand, Reflective Edge Design can continue to grow and help people personalize their businesses or homes with handmade products ranging from art glass to memorials.