E-commerce Platform for Anesthesia Plus


Since 1990, Anesthesia Plus, Inc. has offered top-quality new and refurbished O.R. equipment to fit their client’s individual needs. Because of their expertise and attention to detail, Anesthesia Plus ensures that all their equipment look and function like new upon delivery. As their business continues to expand, Anesthesia Plus entrusted Baytech Web Design to build a complete ecommerce platform that communicates their brand as well as their products and services.        


Our team worked closely with Anesthesia Plus to complete the platform within their six-week timeline. As Anesthesia Plus only had six weeks to launch their new platform, our team developed a unique action plan based on our daily Scrum meetings. Once we began development, our team migrated their HTML pages to their new content management system (CMS). Because Anesthesia Plus required a robust yet easy to maintain platform, we developed their ecommerce portal in WordPress. Our team also developed an optimized frontend to satisfy their requirements. And since their ecommerce portal needed multiple levels of users, we developed restrict access control (RAC) protocols. Once the website neared completion, our team provided two rounds of training to their entire staff.

  • Deliver their platform within a short six-week timeline.
  • Migrate all their HTML pages to their new content management system (CMS).
  • Develop a custom platform.
  • Develop a custom frontend.
  • Include restrict access control (RAC) for multiple levels of users.
  • Provide two rounds of training for their employees.
  • Collaborate with Anesthesia Plus’ team.


Because Anesthesia Plus desired a modern yet easy to use and maintain ecommerce platform, we developed their portal in WordPress. Our WordPress CMS has an array of features that communicate the Anesthesia Plus brand and complete product line. Since WordPress administrators do not need PHP or HTML knowledge unlike Drupal or Joomla, our custom plugins can be controlled easily with a few clicks. While our custom solutions require programming knowledge to create them, the Anesthesia Plus team can use and manage their ecommerce portal with no technical knowledge. Additionally, our team developed extended functions for their menu management. The Anesthesia Plus ecommerce menus can be modified to include categories and additional pages. And since modern ecommerce platforms require multiple levels of users that can be on the site simultaneously and securely, we developed an advanced set of restrict access controls. During the development, our team worked closely with the Anesthesia Plus management team which enabled us to deliver their custom ecommerce platform within six weeks. As we neared the launch date of their platform, we provided two rounds of training at Anesthesia Plus’ headquarters. 


Baytech Web Design delivered to Anesthesia Plus a custom ecommerce platform in only six weeks. We set up the infrastructure for future enhancements and a marketing platform. Our team developed a robust custom frontend and backend for multiple levels of users. Their ecommerce platform includes three custom modules: enterprise plus products, associated products, and custom searches. And all the ecommerce portal’s features are managed by Anesthesia Plus’ web administrators.