VXI Global Solutions


VXI Global Solutions develop technologies and customer care services that enable their partners to manage their businesses and customer relations efficiently. With years of experience, VXI’s customizable solutions ensure businesses employ strategies that meet their unique requirements. In order to provide increased value for their clients, VXI Global Solutions’ methodology utilizes industry knowledge along with proven processes and tools.  After the new merge and acquisition, VXI selected Baytech to be rebrand its corporate website.


Because VXI Global Solutions had just acquired Symbio Technology Solutions, Bain Capital, the holding company for both businesses, seeks a solution to rebrand its services into a consolidated brand and create a greater sense of brand unity across its business. Besides a tight timeline for this project, our team coordinated with VXI Global Solutions and Bain Capital’s management to communicate their new business objectives and company branding.

  • A tight timeline to rebrand and re-build its enterprise website and CMS system
  • Coordinate with VXI Global Solutions and Bain Capital’s management to communicate new business objectives and company branding


Since Baytech developed a new enterprise website for VXI Global Solutions, our team completed a full content migration meeting its tight timeline. And because VXI Global Solutions required a biography section, our team created a bio-management system that streamlined the entire process for their clients. Our team’s close coordination with VXI Global Solutions and Bain Capital allowed Baytech to deliver an enterprise website that incorporated VXI Global Solutions’ business objectives. Additionally, we created design iterations that reflected VXI Global Solutions’ branding and highlighted their market position.


Because of our dedicated and experienced team’s efforts, Baytech Web Design delivered a new corporate website for VXI Global Solutions in one month. VXI Global Solutions used the design and branding that Baytech developed for their new acquisition Symbio Technology Solutions. As our work was of the highest quality, Bain Capital, the holding firm form both VXI and Symbio, hired Baytech for future corporate branding.