Redesigns the Epson Website


Epson is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of printers and advanced imaging equipment. While Epson is primarily known for its printers and scanners, Epson also develops smart glasses and wearable products. Through Epson’s worldwide subsidiaries, the company manufactures desktop computers, projectors, home theater televisions, industrial automation equipment, and other electronic devices. For over 75 years, Epson has established itself as a top-ranked developer and manufacturer of electronic equipment and devices.    


Our expert team was enthusiastic about developing an enterprise website that would build on Epson’s brand and exceed the Epson team’s expectations. As Epson’s long term technology partner, Baytech accomplished the first Epson Developers website in eight weeks. For this project, our central challenge involved developing a secure custom portal for different levels of users with multi-access control with fully interactive product systems. In order to Integrate Epson’s selected web service, electronic signature platform, our developers streamlined its document management system with the third-party software. Additionally, during the Epson Developers website redesign, the Baytech team developed and optimized the code and integrated work with its previous development team.

  • Only eight weeks to redesign the enterprise website.
  • Develop a secure custom portal for three levels of users and multi-access control
  • Integrate with third-party software
  • Work on existing code from another development team and maintaining the website after enhancements and upgrades


Overcoming many challenges, we maintained streamlined internal communication among Epson and Baytech team and provided strategic solutions to align team to accomplish its goal. We held daily scrum meetings where we established clear objectives for every aspect of our design iterations along with strict regression test on the live server and browsers. In order to easily manage users as well as giving certain users access to restricted areas, our developers designed a custom approval system for the website’s administrators easily manage all aspects of the system. Our UX design aimed to align existing Epson’s brand requirement, marketing initiative.  Our design and development teams created a full solution for its system requirement.   


Baytech developed a universal platform for Epson developers and verified users to access information related to Epson products and data manuals.  Additionally, we developed a secure portal for users to register and have access to sensitive information.  We created an interactive and engaging user experience with parallax design. As the background of the website moves at a different speed than the rest of the page, such design encourages its visitors to scroll through a single page to find the information they need. Along with all the under the hood upgrades, our team ensured that Epson’s branding remained consistent throughout the Epson Developers website. Most importantly, the system build allows Epson’s target audience to easily engage and convert. With a full and proper information in place, Epson developers can apply the technical information they need on its product expansion. Epson developers and marketing team are able to work collaboratively to achieve its business goal.