Digital Power Corporation


Digital Power Corporation designs, manufactures and markets power supply solutions for the telecom, medical, industrial, and military markets. Digital Power Corporation was founded in 1969. In 1996, Digital Power Corporation went public on the NYSE. And over the past twenty plus years, Digital Power Corporation acquired additional assets such as Gresham Power Electronics. Gresham Power Electronics designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes commercial and military power devices for the European markets. As Digital Power Corporation’s business continues to evolve, the company required a coherent marketing strategy to complement its enterprise website. When selecting a web design and marketing agency, the CEO of Digital Power Corporation hand selected Baytech to redesign and rebrand their enterprise website. The Baytech team excitedly began working with Digital Power Corporation and its CEO to execute a complete rebrand.


Since Digital Power Corporation continues to expand its products and services globally with acquisitions, Baytech assisted with multiple phases of the company’s growth. In the first phase, Digital Power Corporation was in search of a streamlined method for investor presentations. In order for Digital Power Corporation to meet their deadlines, they gave Baytech only a two-week window to accomplished the pitch deck along with the initial design. Once our team completed the first phase, we jumped to phases two and three, which focused on the company’s rebrand and website redesign respectively.

  • Brand Identity
  • A streamlined method for Investor Pitch Deck
  • UX redesign
  • Develop a new messaging campaign


Baytech suggested ways to an emotional storytelling both virtually and with strong message to  differentiate Digital Power’s market solution, risk mitigation, and management team.  Baytech created an honest and enticing pitch deck aligned with Digital Power’s new brand guidelines. Our team created messaging content to help communicate Digital Power Corporation’s business objectives and market solution. As part of our rebrand, our team built in an e-commerce functionality with a full custom product information system and search to focus on its product’s personalizations to provide the market value. Our team then integrated Digital Power Corporation’s new e-commerce functionality to their ERP solution, Netsuite. Additionally, to help rebrand Digital Power Corporation, we updated the corporate brand and brand execution of logo, their messaging campaign, brochure and other business presentations.


Once Baytech redesigned the enterprise website for Digital Power Corporation, the results of our hard work were immediate. Digital Power Corporation won an investment within a month. Our efforts allowed Digital Power Corporation to showcase their products and services which paved the way for new revenue streams. Digital Power Corporation now has a fully automated product inventory and tracking system integrated with the suggested e-commerce engine. In addition to the enterprise website redesign, Digital Power Corporation’s new corporate logo compliments their brand, tying together their products and services. All these elements establish Digital Power Corporation as thought leaders in their industry.