Ecommerce Portal for Estes Refrigeration


Established in 1953, Estes Refrigeration specializes in refrigeration service, engineering and installation of environmental rooms, and use of environmentally friendly refrigerants. The company also manufactures custom chillers and engineers and installs refrigeration controls and custom UL control panels. Estes Refrigeration’s clients include the Department of Justice and Kaiser Permanente. As Estes Refrigeration required a new ecommerce portal as well as a corporate rebrand, they contracted Baytech Web Design to modernize their online presence.


Because Estes Refrigeration had been working with a web developer that was unable to meet their needs, they reached out to Baytech to help them get back on track. So our expert team let Estes Refrigeration know that they were in good hands. Our team quickly came together and held daily Scrum meetings that allowed us to set the proper context for the coming day’s work. And since Estes Refrigeration had a corporate brand they were proud of, our team utilized their brand throughout their business. As Estes Refrigeration had a bad experience with their previous web developer, our team guided their management through the entire web build. Finally, we developed an ecommerce site that could be self-maintained.

  • Update their 10-year-old website.
  • Utilize their corporate brand.
  • Help Estes Refrigeration get back on track after working with web developers that were unable to meet their requirements.
  • Develop an ecommerce site that could be self-maintained.


Since Estes Refrigeration required a simple easy-to-maintain website, we developed their ecommerce solution in WordPress. With a WordPress CMS, web administrators do not need PHP or HTML knowledge, which was exactly what Estes Refrigeration needed. As part of the website update, our team migrated over ten years’ worth of content from their old site to their new ecommerce solution. And because Estes Refrigeration already had a dynamic brand, we employed their brand for consistency across all promotional material including business cards, brochures, and company vehicles. Once we completed the web build and rebrand, our team provided basic “how to” training for their team of commercial refrigeration experts so they could self-maintain and update their website.


Over a twelve month period, Estes Refrigeration has self-maintained their website. Because of Estes Refrigeration’s new brand and ecommerce portal, their website traffic increased by 30% in the first month of the website’s launch. And because of the hard work by our expert staff, Estes Refrigeration’s employees can work on their tasks while their ecommerce website runs itself.