Ecommerce Portal for Catoctin Mountain Growers


Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Bob and Denise Van Wingerden established Catoctin in 1985. Catoctin Mountain Growers dedicate themselves to growing top-quality annuals, perennials, mums, and poinsettias. Their continued innovation in conjunction with their expert staff of horticulturalists allows Catoctin Mountain Growers to consistently provide high-quality plants. As Catoctin Mountain Growers required a modern ecommerce portal, they researched agencies that provided a complete solution—from developing the website to branding and promoting their company. And once they discovered Baytech Web Design, they enthusiastically hired our team to deliver a robust ecommerce solution for their budding business.  


While Catoctin Mountain Growers entrusted Baytech Web Design to build a modern ecommerce portal, they allotted only eight weeks to develop, brand and promote their site. So we worked closely with Catoctin Mountain Growers’ small team of horticulturalists to ensure that our work accurately showcased their products and expertise. And once we completed their ecommerce portal, our team provided detailed training for Catoctin Mountain Growers’ nontechnical staff. In order to have a successful launch, our team set up the infrastructure for Catoctin Mountain Growers branding and messaging campaigns.


  • Overhaul the ecommerce portal in eight weeks.
  • Communicate closely with the client throughout the project.
  • Provide full website training for their nontechnical staff.
  • Integrate with their third-party system.
  • Set up the infrastructure for the branding and messaging campaigns.


Because we had a tight timeline, our team analyzed the project scope and deliverables prior to kickoff. We utilized Scrum methodology. Once we developed the product increment for every deliverable (Sprint), our team found the soundest way to build and brand the ecommerce portal. Our team collaborated with the stakeholders (Catoctin Mountain Growers) to inspect and adapt the ecommerce portal’s iterations, which ensured the value of the ecommerce portal. As part of the web build, our team developed a custom user dashboard for Catoctin employees. The user dashboard presents management information they require and allows users to view Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI’s). Because Catoctin’s staff were horticulturalists and not techies, our team provided multiple training sessions to ensure the staff understood their new ecommerce solution inside and out. Additionally, our flexible development methodology and QA schedules allowed Catoctin Mountain Growers to adapt their business to their new ecommerce portal. And finally, our team developed a successful brand that showcased Catoctin Mountain Growers superior plants, company story, and passion for horticulture.


Once Catoctin Mountain Growers were handed their new ecommerce portal, their entire staff ecstatically praised Baytech Web Design’s efforts. Our developers created an elegant ecommerce platform that displayed Catoctin Mountain Growers’ plants in all their beautiful glory. We included several features that streamlined their sales process. Since Catoctin Mountain Growers sell hundreds of plant species, we developed an advanced filter system. The filter lets users sort by popularity, customer rating, newness, and price. Additionally, we added a search bar so customers can search by product name and seasonal availability of plant species. Beyond the ecommerce solution, Baytech branded Catoctin Mountain Growers to project their expertise and product catalog so customers understand and appreciate their commitment to growing and selling the most beautiful and healthy plants.