Baytech Develops a Microsite for Image Gently


Through advocacy the Image Gently Campaign focuses on increasing awareness at the frontlines of medical and dental imaging. The Image Gently Campaign develops educational materials that detail how radiologists can protect children from unnecessary radiation exposure. Because recent data suggests that preadolescents and adolescents are at increased risk of future malignancy from diagnostic imaging, the Image Gently Campaign educates health care practitioners on how to decrease the radiation exposure in children. While diagnostic imaging is a necessary medical practice, Image Gently advocates methods that reduce unnecessary ionizing radiation. Ultimately, Image Gently is identifying opportunities for cancer prevention during preadolescents and adolescents. Since our team felt incredibly passionate about the Image Gently campaign, we could not wait to get started developing Image Gently’s microsite so they could start bringing in revenue.   


As Image Gently is a nonprofit in need of donations, our team had to develop Image Gently’s website and marketing campaign as soon as possible and on a tight budget. The social media optimization (SMO) required extensive copywriting. Our team had to also coordinate with Image Gently’s resources and stakeholders for meetings and follow-ups. In addition to those challenges, Image Gently’s website was an older site lacking search engine optimization. So we had a few obstacles to overcome, but at Baytech we pride ourselves on seeking out new challenges and helping our clients achieve their goals.

  • Limited time to deliver microsites and set up campaigns
  • Heavy copywriting efforts to prepare articles for social media optimization (SMO) campaign
  • Coordinate with resources and stakeholders for meetings and follow-ups


After our developers and designers huddled together, we assembled a full team (six developers) upon kick off. As our team meticulously prepares and plans projects, we hit the ground running for both the search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) campaigns. We held weekly review meetings and status updates to make sure the project was meeting all the benchmarks. Because Baytech is staffed with creative and out of box thinkers, our developers used Image Gently’s microsites as resources to promote their main website.


Since our team planned for every contingency, Baytech delivered two optimized micro websites along with search engine optimization and social media campaigns that we will continue to build on. Because of our team’s hard work, we developed a successful strategy for Image Gently’s marketing campaigns. Our team scheduled an automated daily, weekly, and monthly push articles system. Additionally, we developed monthly analytics reporting for Image Gently’s website. As Baytech was very passionate about Image Gently’s mission to prevent children from unnecessary radiation exposure, we delivered high-quality work that has been rewarded with renewal services and engagement in future projects.