Light Polymers Inc.


Light Polymers is an advanced nanochemistry company developing lyotropic materials for multiple high-growth application areas, such as flat panel displays, LED lighting, solar, building materials and biomedical applications.

The company is based in Silicon Valley. They are dedicated to bringing new liquid crystal chemistry to the market. Their materials enhance OLED displays, improve the efficiency of LED lighting and have a wide array of uses in other industries.


Light Polymers contacted Baytech to work its magic and redesign their company website and transform it into a state of art. The company required two websites: corporate website and Cryttalin-e-commerce website. They needed a user-friendly website with easy-access layouts, products landing page and checkout engine.

Baytech definitely had their work cut out for them, to say the least; content migration alone on both websites took up to 24 hours to complete. Product and order management system, online payment, content management system and shipping configuration have to be integrated into the website and above all, visitors from anywhere in the world should able to easily navigate both websites and perform ANY action on ALL device.


Baytech started by tackling the simplest task; which is integrating a fully responsive stunning WordPress theme into both sites. Clear scrolling features, contents and product management system including user-friendly layouts focused solely on the properly and strategically displaying of company’s products and services was incorporated, along with Search engine optimization.

  • Responsive design
  • Custom WordPress theme
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Content Management system
  • On-demand support plan
  • Mobile site and project management
  • Products landing page and checkout engine
  • Product and order management
  • Marketing modules and SEO set up


As an immediate result of the Baytech solution, the Cryttalin-e-commerce website saw a drastic climb in sales. By monitoring the traffics on both sites, Baytech found that the company’s conversion rate had increased by 31% after the implementation the new web presence.