Roem Corporation


ROEM is a real estate company dedicated to the creation of sustainable urban housing environments which are conveniently located, amenity-rich, and satisfies diverse housing needs. As an integrated team of real estate, construction, design, finance, and asset management professionals, they provide creative solutions to urban development challenges.

ROEM’s established construction division is seasoned in the construction of multifamily housing for new ROEM developments as well as third-party owners and developers throughout California since being founded, licensed and bonded in 1988.


Baytech was requested by REOM to personally see to the development and design of a gorgeous, visually appealing and user engagement custom website for it services. When you’ve been around for as long as REOM Corporation, one your biggest problem becomes that you might become stagnant and left behind.

Another problem usually encountered when trying to not just be in the game but show the world that you’re the best and inspire new customers can be resolved with an interactive portfolio management system and recently completed projects.

In addition to this, there needs to be a way for prospective buyers to locate your properties without stress and access information relevant to their hunt in an appealing and precise manner. Above all, the company’s website needs to be visually appealing, with smooth transitions, animations and easy browsing within the site.


Baytech primary focus was on the integration of a fully responsive WordPress theme and interactive portfolio management system into the website developed for REOM. Smooth sliding features, property locator, user engagement and standard email submission form, as well as a dedicated layout focused solely on the visual displaying of completed projects and portfolios for potential consumers to have their faith inspired by the quality of the offered service.

   Custom Front-End Layout & Design

   User Engagement and Standard Email Submission Form

   News & Events plus Portfolio Management System

   Property Locator (Mapping System), Data Migration

   SEO Setup

   301 Redirects (336 Content Pages)

   Third Party Integrations, Social Bookmarking


REOM was blown away by the visual clarity of the custom website designed by Baytech. The company was attracting and converting new customers like never before due to the strategically displayed portfolios and Search engine optimization setup.