Canyon Lakes Golf Course & Brewery


Canyon Lakes Golf Course & Brewery has the dual mission of developing a pristine public golf course that earns the loyalty of golfers and develops a sense of pride for the community. Canyon Lakes is a business enterprise that creates unique craft beers and fine foods that is served by kind staff to golfers and non-golfers alike.

After undergoing extensive changes on the course and off, Canyon Lakes Golf Course & Brewery is back into top condition for the excellent track it’s known for. The restaurant has reopened with a new look, new menu and onsite brewery and is ready to impress loyal regulars and first-time visitors.


Baytech was handpicked as a trusted expert to help transform the company’s image and assist them in presenting Canyon Lakes Golf Course & Brewery services, products, and special offers/rates in an appealing way to prospective prospects. The challenge included creating a branded website with a simple interface that any potential prospect can easily access.

In order get the newly branded website to stand out and get noticed, there needed to be an aggressive and effective marketing done by strategically displaying appealing contents to attract new customers to the website.


Like the saying, “when facing a complicated challenge, the simplest answer is usually the right one.” Baytech implemented in the design of the branded website for LGCB services included the incorporation of a sophisticated but easy to navigate custom made WordPress theme that was completely user-friendly and professional in its design.

The layout of the site was custom-made to blend in with the services and programs LGCB services offers. The theme was also customized to include a fully responsive design for ease of access regardless of prospective customer’s device.


   Custom WordPress Theme

   Animated Banners

   Logo Design – up to 5 logos/concepts,

   Open source content management system

   Standard Email Submission Form



The newly branded website for the company reinstated the confidence in existing customers while appealing and signaling to new visitors that this is a company they can bank on. Shortly after publication of the website, the powerful, strategically planned contents marketing tactics provided a 38% boost to the profits of LGCB services.