Browning Enterprise


Browning Enterprise, Inc. is an elite family owned and operated organization in the steel processing industry. They have been in business since 1989 and located in North Alabama. Some of their accomplishments include making components for the Pentagon, embassies, skyscrapers, bridges, ships, and race tracks both domestically and internationally.


Browning Enterprise hired Baytech to build and design a fully customizable company website with mobile capabilities to alleviate company’s image and market their products and services. One of the most important challenges faced by Baytech is making the website user-friendly and displaying the company’s services and contents in an appealing manner to potential customers.


Baytech first focused on the web interface to make sure it is accessible to all users and all devices. And this is achieved by incorporating of a custom made WordPress theme that was completely professional in its design. The website layout was customized to seamlessly display and communicate to new visitors what the company is all about at first glance.

  • Custom Layout & Design of Website
  • Up to 10 Layouts plus 30 content pages
  • Open source content management system
  • 10 Keywords, Static 301 Redirects included, Canonical Link Redirects
  • Search Engine Optimization Set Up


By optimizing the site to attract new customers, keep their attention and more importantly, CONVERT them into PAYING customers, Browning Enterprise was able to broaden its customer base and increase its revenues by 46% while retaining old customers.