Ace Capital Group


ACE Capital Group is a family-owned California Land Banking company with headquarters based in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years. The company’s California Land Banking business evolved from the extremely successful personal Land Banking experience of its founders, Chen & Victoria Wang.

The Wangs have been pioneers in the field of consumer Land Banking for over 40 years, and their proven approach has made it possible for thousands of ACE Capital Group customers to allocate their underperforming assets to select California pre-developed land. With the leverage of ACE Capital’s experience and expertise, they provide their customers access to better parcels of land with better pricing and exit strategies than any other Land Banking product available today.


The new web presence for ACE Capital Group was to be designed by Baytech, and have to solve a number of pressing issues the company was experiencing at that moment. The first one out the gate was to create a steady flow of clients so that the company never has to worry where their next client is going to come.

To make that dream a reality, the company needs to project an amour of trustworthiness, blatant transparent and a solid impression of professionalism on the website. With this, new visitors will be automatically sold on the company efficiency and expertise.


Baytech revolved ACE Capital Group problem by designing a web presence in a simple yet-classic professional corporate theme. This was expertly done with a custom WordPress theme. The site layout was designed to skillfully showcase all the company’s services and contents, including past and existing clients testimonies to psychologically convert skeptical prospects.

Baytech also set up an SEO, PPC and Google Adwords marketing campaign specifically created to target and attract prospective visitors to the site.

  • Custom WordPress theme
  • Responsive Design
  • Simple layout
  • Images and banners


With the complete transformation of the site, the company started attracting an unbelievable amount of new clients while reaffirming the allegiance the existing customers have in it. With the target campaigns, ACE Capital Group revenues increased by resounding 52%.