Production teams from all over the world have used Clear-Com’s intercom systems for its clarity, reliability, and scalability in various application settings. They are World renowned for their wired party-line and matrix technologies and recognized leader of IP communications and wireless intercom technologies, Clear-Com products can deliver the right solution for your application.


Clear-Com contacted Baytech to personally see to the development and creation of a professional custom website for its products and services. Designing a website for services like this can be really challenging, to say the least. The products and service have to display not just in an appealing manner but strategically so visitors can easily access all the information they require before making a decision.

The company’s products, services, contents, etc has to be professionally organized and displayed with all the relevant information in a precise manner. Most of all, the website have to be customized so that potential customers can access it on any devices and the layout must super user-friendly, with smooth transitions, and sliders within the site.


Baytech incorporated of a completely responsive WordPress theme into the website developed for Clear-Com. Smooth scrolling features, as well as a minimal layout focused solely on organizing and displaying company’s products and services, along with all the relevant information potential customers, might require making an informed decision.

  • Responsive design
  • Custom WordPress theme
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Seamless Sliding
  • Minimal design
  • Professional display


Obvious outcomes included the dramatic increase in visitors from all over the world searching for Clear-Com’s products and services. Potential customers were able to easily find exactly what they’re looking and this translated into Clear-Com conversion rate increasing by a whopping 54%.