Ecommerce Portal and Rebrands Aimee Golant Online


While in college, Aimee was writing a paper about her grandparent’s struggle of survival during the Holocaust. As she became curious about her grandfather’s trade, he gave her his old metalsmithing tools to try out. And as soon as she used his tools, Aimee found her calling. She honed her craft in school where she created her first mezuzahs. Once Aimee shared her story and mezuzahs with her class, she felt the importance of understanding our “oneness.” And through her art, Aimee shares the spirit of Israel, a spirit that is codified in the word Israel—one who has come through a challenging experience while maintaining love in their heart. Because Amiee wanted to share her artwork with the world, she hired Baytech to build her a state of the art ecommerce portal.


While a master metalsmith, Aimee wanted to increase her sales revenue, so she required a rebrand that showcased her mission statement along with her artwork. And even though Aimee is a gifted artist, her small team needed assistance using and maintaining an ecommerce site. Additionally, as the central challenge for any business is to know and understand their customers, the new ecommerce site needed functionality for Aimee’s team to engage their customers easily. Finally, because Aimee Golant had large orders, our team migrated and warehoused all the content from their old site.

  • Rebrand Aimee Golant to showcase her artwork and mission statement.
  • Develop an easy to use and maintain ecommerce site.
  • Implement social networking functions.
  • Migrate and warehouse data from the previous ecommerce site.


Because their previous ecommerce portal was difficult to manage, our team developed an elegant solution that possessed all the functionality of a modern ecommerce site without the technical hurdles. As part of our deliverables, our team integrated a new SMS (short message service) to fit their needs. Aimee Golant’s new WooCommerce SMS provides her with a customizable solution that is mobile friendly, WordPress friendly, and people friendly. While Aimee Golant’s business is growing at a steady pace, they contracted Baytech to provide a cost effective solution for data migration. So our team worked with their third-party developers to house and to migrate all the data from their old ecommerce site. In order to effectively rebrand Aimee Golant, our team employed minimalist design. With our clever design strategy, Aimee Golant’s products steal the show. Essentially the ecommerce site that we developed highlights her artwork, services, which include custom pieces, and her story of bringing people together through a spiritual connection that her artwork embodies.


As soon as we launched Aimee Golant’s new ecommerce portal, her business saw an immediate increase in traffic. Because of the increased traffic, Aimee Golant added new customers and new revenue streams. We successfully rebranded Aimee Golant’s business to highlight her story, artwork, and message of bringing people together. Finally, our robust yet easy to maintain ecommerce portal gives Aimee Golant the online presence to share her artwork with the world.