Ecommerce Portal for Money Smart Online


Through 60 years of finance experience, Ted Hunter gained the insight into the myths and lies told to Americans seeking financial advice. While Ted’s economics and business education at a top-rated university taught him important lessons, he learned from his successes and failures that his formal education failed to teach him personal finance. Only through trial and error did Ted finally master the art of money management. As Ted achieved financial freedom, he wrote the award-winning book Money Smart and started the Money Smart Project. The Money Smart Project empowers people to take control of their money and turn it into long-term wealth. Ted’s success in financial education blossomed into an online education site. And because Ted was looking for a new ecommerce portal, he researched the best web design companies in the Bay Area. Since Baytech possessed the expertise Ted Hunter needed, he contracted our team to develop an ecommerce portal for Money Smart Online.


As this project posed unique challenges, our team came together and devised an action plan for our deliverables. Similar to other online educators, Ted Hunter’s Money Smart Online required a single sign-on (SSO) process. Additionally, because the Money Smart lessons are videos, our team developed a solution to keep the videos from being downloaded online without payment. So our chief concern was to safeguard Money Smart’s intellectual property. And to provide the best user experience as well as protect their intellectual property, our team developed a method to stream video lessons without using passwords. Finally, our team migrated and warehoused all the content from their old brochure site to their new ecommerce portal.

  • Develop a custom single sign-on (SSO) process.
  • Safeguard Money Smart’s intellectual property.
  • Migrate and warehouse all the content from their old brochure site to their new ecommerce portal.


As our team created single sign-on (SSO) for previous clients, we immediately developed a custom SSO for Money Smart Online. With SSO functionality, users can access different parts of the portal with a single user ID. Our teams SSO solution mitigates risk from third-party sites and, most importantly, single sign-on functionality reduces password fatigue, which increases user engagement and satisfaction. In order to safeguard Money Smart’s intellectual property, our team devised a complex solution for a complex problem. Our team coded expiration dates for tutorial videos. While users can access the lessons of their choice, they must watch the videos within the allotted time they purchased. This ensures that Money Smart’s tutorial videos stay on the Money Smart site. Additionally, our team integrated with Money Smart’s social media campaign.


Once our team handed the ecommerce portal to Money Smart Online, the portal’s users were able to access the videos they purchased, but for a limited time. Our team also integrated with Money Smart’s social networks, so users can chat with instructors and even Ted Hunter himself. We completed a large data migration that allowed Money Smart Online to streamline their lessons and teach proper financial management solutions. And our marketing campaign promoted Money Smart’s brand and highlighted Ted Hunter’s expertise. Now students of Money Smart Online can learn to take control of their money and turn it into long-term wealth.