E-commerce Portal for Energy Experts International


Since 1998, Energy Experts International has provided management consultation to companies, organizations, and end-users on energy issues. Because global warming and environmental concerns have brought new energy options, Energy Experts International helps their clients make proper decisions on their pressing energy issues. Their services include energy supply consulting, field technical services, engineering services, and energy utilization consulting services. As Energy Experts International required a new and robust ecommerce portal, they hired Baytech to rebuild their corporate website as well as rebrand their corporate message.


As part of redeveloping Energy Experts International’s ecommerce portal, our team warehoused their DotNetNuke (DNN) content then migrated everything to WordPress. Because Energy Experts International already had a third-party user portal in place, our team worked to integrate their user portal to the WordPress CMS. Our team then developed custom tools and functionality for the frontend user experience as well as the backend administrator interface in less than eight weeks. Once the website and rebranding campaigns were completed, we provided training support for their management and staff to ensure a smooth launch.

  • Redevelop and rebrand their corporate ecommerce presence.
  • Migrate and warehouse content from DNN platform to WordPress.
  • Integrate their third-party user portal.
  • Develop a custom front-end and back-end within eight weeks.
  • Provide training support for their management and staff.


Because Energy Experts International provides several energy management solutions, our team reorganized and sorted their content items within the back-end administration area. Their new WordPress CMS is extremely intuitive to use as well as being highly flexible, with ready to go plugins that add custom functionally. Once we analyzed and integrated their third-party user portal, we ensured the ecommerce website was SEO-friendly so their corporate website would have a top-ranked position in search engines. Because our team worked around the clock, we delivered our custom front-end and back-end solutions within the eight-week timeline. After our design iterations were approved, our team developed a brand that showcased their corporate story. Now their corporate story creates a consistent connection between their people, their brand, and their organization, allowing clients to understand and count on Energy Experts International’s services. And once we finished the web development and corporate rebrand, our team trained Energy Experts International’s management and staff on their modern ecommerce solution.       


Energy Experts International’s experience and depth of energy expertise are highlighted throughout their ecommerce portal. Because we cleverly set up the web pages to offer information while being visually appealing, their clients are able to research and get in touch with their sales staff quickly. Energy Experts International’s corporate ecommerce portal also has a section dedicated to employees that include employee login, company newsletter, policies and practices, and manager’s forum. With their new ecommerce portal and dynamic brand showcasing their thought leadership, Energy Experts International can continue to expand their services domestically and globally.