Baytech Designs Extremely Professional Website for AFR

AFR Services_screenshot
American Flood Research (AFR) is a Texas-based service provider founded in 1992. The company conducts high-quality, accurate research into flood zones on a national scale. It also offers AVMs, or automated valuations, along with home equity insurance, real estate tax services and many more. Highly rated customer service and quality products and services make this a truly astounding company.


AFR needed a website that would help them avoid the many risks that businesses in their sector face, namely their reputation. As a professional services provider, they needed to be able to put on a trustworthy exterior to their customers. All too often, the massive amount of competition to be found in the industry would render the AFR brand outdated. Baytech was selected to partner with AFR and assist in the rebranding and redesigning of an engaging, interactive consumer oriented website for retaining the future market share.


The solution that Baytech provided to AFR was to completely rebrand their identity in order to provide a stronger foot-hold in the competitive market. This would also allow AFR to be completely facelifted so as to strike back effectively at the competition and win. This dedication would serve to increase consumer loyalty and attract more new customers, as the goal of rebranding is to target a wider demographic than the current family audience.

The Umbraco CMS framework was used to build the new website which offered functionality across many programming languages. Execution of the programs and features were done in a CLR software environment instead of the outdated hardware environment. Umbraco was used for the three-tier architecture it provided.


The new Umbraco framework provided:
• Better UI for interaction with customers
• Connected databases with client intranet
• compatible environment

All of this led to a far more streamlined user experience. The DNN content management system implemented by Baytech resulted in:
• 3rd party module support for added functionality
• Customizable site skins
• Compatibility over multiple OS