Redesigns the Website of Netformx

Baytech Redesigns the Enterprise Website of NetformxIntroduction:

Netformx is a pioneer of sales automation tools. By designing networks around Netformx’s data-driven and rules-based software, companies are able to streamline their sales processes through an extensive centralized series of networks and services. Netformx’s flagship software suite, DesignXpert, automates the process of network design by providing a design blueprint that allows businesses to create custom networks for their sales needs. DesignXpert establishes networks around the base lining and quoting processes.


Our team updated the 5-year-old Netformx website developed by—you guessed it—Baytech. While our developers were familiar with the original website, our challenge was to create new design iterations that fit Netformx’s evolving business model. As Netformx software continues to revolutionize sales automation, new companies have emerged offering similar products. Consequently, Baytech’s central challenge was to rebrand Netformx so they could reestablish themselves as thought leaders in the sales automation industry.         

  • Update 5-year-old Netformx website
  • Create new design iterations that fit Netformx’s evolving business model
  • Rebrand Netformx as thought leaders in the sales automation industry


Since Baytech developed Netformx’s original site, we segregated old content from their new content. In order to handle the content migration, our developers designed a new content management system. The new content management system allows Netformx webmasters to connect their news feed to third-party news feeds. Because Netformx’s business model includes blogging by their staff and clients, Baytech simplified the sign-up process for blogging. Netformx’s CEO now blogs alongside his employees and customers. Our team also designed a content creation process that allows an approval chain for content writers, editors, and publishers.


Our team delivered a complete international enterprise website for Netformx. Because of our developer’s efforts, Baytech reduced the marketing overhead, which allowed Netformx’s marketing team to specialize in areas of need. As Netformx was able to clearly articulate their flagship product—DesignXpert—the company has increased their revenue and reestablished themselves as thought leaders in their industry.