Mann Engineering Launches Online Store Thanks to Baytech

Mann Engineering began in 2001 with a group of enthusiasts who enjoyed modifying their Subarus. From their humble beginnings, they have developed their business with the goal to provide their customers with high performance vehicles that can be used on a daily basis both in the street and on the track. Today, they strive to provide high performance without sacrificing everyday drivability by presenting only the best possible equipment for the entire line of Subaru vehicles. They offer entire customized design packages and a wide range of vehicle services for all makes and models of Subarus. Currently developing and testing new products, they seek to provide you with the products and services that keep their customer’s Subaru vehicle operating at its very best.

Baytech started redeveloping Mann Engineering’s new website by giving it a new facelift. A custom design layout that allowed for better user navigation as well as a new color scheme and custom banner images was the first thing that was implemented. The new design would allow Mann Engineering’s website to stand out from their competitors as it features a fresh and modern presentation.

Concurrently, the design would be built on top of a customized Magento E-commerce platform to allow the staff of Mann Engineering the power to control the content on their site. A huge obstacle existed however, in that the sheer amount of products offered by Mann Engineering would require Baytech to carefully research all of the products in order to understand the attributes and configurations needed that would allow for a great user experience on the frontend.

Baytech’s development team was able to successfully understand the complexities of this project and created a truly robust E-commerce site that could easily manage all of the products offered but also allow for greater expansion by giving Mann Engineering the ability to easily control their content. Baytech worked tirelessly with Mann Engineering’s team to ensure that they would receive the website that they were looking for. The overall result is a website that stands out visually from the competition but also makes Mann Engineering’s website a force in the online marketplace for high performance Subaru parts.